This is the story of Ventilmotor, taking in the main events that have helped us become an “Industry”.




The Ventilmotor project is born. The project, which was founded on capability, skills and experience acquired in the industrial ventilation sector, has grown to become an important player in the European market.

The idea was the brainchild of Valter Larosa, who, after several years in the ventilation sector, decided to embark upon this venture, together with his invaluable consultant, the accountant Emilio Marelli, who devised the trademark.

They produced a perfect marriage of skill and experience, which, coupled with an indefatigable passion, set Ventilmotor on its way.


The Company

The company, which was already well established in the industrial ventilation and aeration systems sectors became a limited company (srl).

We moved to new offices and opened a new factory, but our working methods remained unchanged: reliable, serious employees, together with scrupulous technical management and a stress-free working environment.

These factors permit us to supply our clients with high quality products.


The Industry


The company is one the most professional and sought-after firms in the market and boasts a vast customer-base throughout the European Community.

VENTILMOTOR guarantees safety thanks to its focus on adapting to the requirements of its customers and providing prompt and thorough after sales service. International outsourcing of structural production has increased flexibility significantly.

A department that has created a vertically integrated, yet flexible, company structure, equipped with sate-of-the-art machinery and instruments.